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Wistfully longing for a gallon of gas for $3.6524… (Length of year…)

Brief Bio Since College

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Immediately after finishing my course work in Mathematics in December of 1981, I attended the class, “Cultural Dimensions in International Development” at the William Carey International University in Pasadena.  What shocked me was here was history presented in an interesting and engaging way that I never got at college.  From there, I returned to Las Vegas and began knocking on the doors of voluntary associations to share the good news.  The news was too new.  Most people had never heard of what I had to say and I had no credibility on my own.
By November of ‘82, one assembly opened their doors to me and I was able to come back to college for Vocational Emphasis Week as a representative of the publication I was so excited about.  Eventually I signed on with the voluntary association that produced the class that gave me a new look at history and the role of second decision communities (sodalities) and their role in directed culture change.  While there, I learned the importance of family in such change and took time off during the time our father was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma.
When my father’s cancer had reached a point where he needed my help again, I returned to Las Vegas in 1985 to help him recover from his brain surgery.  Here my life changed.  Although I was able to help our family set up a bookkeeping system for their property management and work with another architect who took over Dad’s projects, my main focus was helping Dad feel loved and appreciated.  After he died in ‘87, I was never the same.
I tried to get back into my vocation, but my heart was not into it.  In 1991, I went back to school and got my teaching credential for secondary mathematics because I enjoyed tutoring statistics so much.  In the middle of this, my friend who had worked in Malaysia in the 1960’s was putting together a summer team for Indonesia that year and invited me to come along.  We found the people warm and welcoming.
In Las Vegas though, I managed to substitute teach for a while, but there was no contract for a full time appointment.  The next fall, my former roommate from Pasadena  looked me up and invited me to help him on a project re-engineering a Masters Degree for Global Civilization.  Again, why had my college not used some of these texts?  They are very inspiring!

Insanity makes no sense

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Notice the question assumes there is an answer. The mind, given a question, will search and search and search until it finds one. If what it finds is not satisfying, it will search and search and search again.

Notice when you are hungry. You eat a good meal and are satisfied. If you ate imaginary food, like in a dream, you would still be hungry.

So it is with truth. An answer to a well formed question is satisfying.



Runaway Stars Go Ballistic | Space.com

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Runaway Stars Go Ballistic | Space.com.

Runaway Stars

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Astronomy in the infrared is opening up new aspects to the stars I never knew!


Lunar Orbit

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The path of the moon in space is an epicycloid, a cycloid on the circumference of a circle.  A similar partial curve is the line of light in a cup of coffee or tea known as a cardioid, or a type of caustic.  In my search, I came across this comet path around Jupiter.  It is much more erratic than a lunar orbit, but it does show characteristics of the loop.


Lunation differences 1990-2005

The difference in time from one new moon to the next.


Older Entries


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